ROVF – The Late late musical edition


You knew it would be back eventually. Unfortunately I couldn’t be arsed to dig out anything actually funny so instead have decided to troll Youtube for music videos, live performances and whatever else takes my fancy.

We open tonight’s viewing with a rather amusing track from down under comedic genius Tim Minchin. Taken from this years Secret Policeman’s Ball “If I didn’t have you” a slow starter – wait for Tim to get rolling at about 1’40″

Apologies for the ropey quality of the next item but it’s one of my favourite Sheryl Crow tracks made that much better by the arrival of “some one else” at 1’00″
and yes – I do still have a thing for female singer song writers … provided they can actually sing and write songs of course :-)

Number 3 on the list? A live performance of the legendary (and somewhat epic) Freebird by Skynard – just to prove that solo was actually played by mortal men (for those who can’t be arsed waiting then this link will take you straight to the solo)

Damn – I had number 4 already to go and completely forgot it whilst rocking out to the above…

Oh fudge it – in that case you can have this the other 3 were pretty good.

That’s it for tonight – I’m going to the pub now – byeeee

Come dine with me – the menu

Thanks to all of you who left comments with menus and apologies to those who got stuck in the spam hole :-)

So my menu for come dine with me? Is as follows:


Jerusalem Artichoke and Leek Soufflé stuffed pancakes with a balsamic reduction and baby spinach


Skate Wings poached in coconut milk served with a lemon grass and corainder risotto and oyster sauce fried tofu


Ginger Crème Brulée served with red berry compote.

Bear in mind these are all dishes that I have actually cooked at one time or another so I know they work and don’t take too long. Oh and it goes without saying there would be a wine for each course and cheese and port for those who were still hungry.

What do you reckon? Posh enough to get me a 9 or 10?

Hi All. Remeber Me?



It’s been a while since I posted anything more substantial than Tweets to this blog. I stick to my theory that, the longer it has been since your last post, the harder it is to get started again. Of course it doesn’t help when, as you will read, some of the events to be discussed are less than easy to get down on paper. But I figure nearly 2 months of relative silence is a little excessive so let’s get cracking on getting some of the history out of the way so that I can get back to (semi) regular posting.

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